The Legend of Gethzerian

Session 5

Missing in Action

With a wave of his hand, Onodrim’s spirit companion vanished, reapparing on the other side of the room in hot pursuit of the hobgoblin. The wilden focused, his eyes closed as he saw through the spirit’s eyes. “It’s gone to the north, up several hallways. We can show you the way,” said Onodrim, recalling the spirit to them. The party stepped into the next room, an intersection. “The eastern passageway,” Onodrim said, “then the hallway turns to the north, and we will find our runaway. We do not believe he will be alone.” Unwilling to leave any room unexplored, a wise decision so as to keep enemies from flanking them, the party split to search the adjoining hallways and rooms. John Snow and Magdronan stood together, watching entrances and exits, alert for hobgoblin ambushes, or the child-ghost who had haunted them so. But as Grok, Darmok, Onodrim, and Vimak returned to the central chamber, they could see no sign of their friends. A dark, necrotic energry clung in the air, so powerful it nearly overwhelmed Darmok. Knowing the only way to help their friends was to complete their mission, the remaining party members set off after the hobgoblin. True to Onodrim’s fears, he was not alone, and as the party made their way into this barracks room they were forced to fight off several soldiers while a hobgoblin warcaster sent his dark spells at them. Emerging victorious, the heroes continued south, entering a long hallway. As Onodrim and Vimak entered the room, a trap was sprung and an iron portcullis split the party in two. Hobgoblins poured out from all sides followed by a hulking fighter who could only be the viscious “Warchief” that Splug had warned them about, before they left the goblin to die. A fierce fight ensued, as Vimak struggled to lift the gate keeping him from the fight and Darmok launched his spells through the bars. But as was the fate of Boss Fatty and Irontooth before him, the Warchief fell in a final assault of Groks mighty axes. A search yielded the hobgoblins treasures to the heroes, including an enchanted short sword. However, their comrades were still nowhere to be seen. Wounded and exhausted by the fight, our heroes took advantage of the Warchief’s chambers, well appointed by hobgoblin standards for a rest. Awoken by the sounds of the Keep’s silence, the party backtraced to the room where they lost Snow and Magdronan. Only one way remained unexplored, and true to her form, the ghostly girl awaited them at it’s end. Releasing a bloodcurling shriek she flew towards them, vanishing only feet away. Lighting their torches, the party made their way down the long corridor. Two doors lay before them, a large, ornate double door, and a smaller single door. Taking the smaller door to the west, the party entered a burial chamber. The floor was highly polished and clean here, and a slight acidic smell pervaded the air. Moments after entering the door, Grok soon found the source of this cleanliness and he was sucked unwittingly into a gelatinous cube. The party worked furiously to free him, interrupted a minute later by the low moan of the undead. Two corrupted corpses rounded the corner, and began tearing flesh from their body to hurl at the heroes. The ghostly girl followed behind them, and for the first time revealed her true form. Grok was freed from the cube and joined Vimak to lay axe and hammer into the zombies, while Darmok and Onodrim fought off the wraith, who alternated between her true form and haunting visage. Finally, in a burst of divine light from Melora, the foes were defeated. A search of the room revealed the crypts where Sir Keegan had lain his wife and children to rest, and a few trunks bearing their belongings. Returning to the larger doors, the party opened them onto a memorial. A massive statue of a warrior stood in the center of the room, sword gleaming in his hand. To the east stood two dragons, and to the south, several small cherub statues surrounded the matching door. Moving cautiously, Darmok led the way into the room, only to be flung backwards by a mighty swing of the statues sword. Vimak attempted to walk on the Dragon side, only to have the statue expel a wave of flame at him that pushed him directly into the range of the warriors sword. Finally, Onodrim was able to find a path safe from the warrior’s range. Relieved, he approached the cherubs and was instantly swept off his feet as water began to pour from their hands, flooding the area around the door, now contained in a magical field. Onodrim could not escape, and as Vimak reached his axe out to help his Wilden companion he found that he could penetrate the barrier but not leave it. Onodrim grapped the axe only to have it swept up in the whirlpool now growing inside the enclosure. Grok, meanwhile, valiantly leaped onto the warrior statues back and was attempting to smash the control panel he’d spotted. Finally, a flash of an idea came to Onodrim. Calling Darmok into the barrier, a precarious move as the water was nearly over the Dwarf’s head, Onodrim led his companions in smashing the Cherubs, ceasing the flow of water, and disabling the field. They were carried out in a rush of water, directly into the path of the swinging statue, but Grok’s tenacity and stubborness finally paid off, and the statue’s arm stopped mid swing, only inches from Onodrim’s head….


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