The Legend of Gethzerian

Session 7

Triumphant Return

The team cleared the keep, defeated the evil,and saved the town!!! Now they return home in triumph and victory. But on their return home, they’re shadowed. But by who, what, they don’t know. As they approach Fallcrest, they are greeted triumphantly. Questions are answered, more questions are discovered. Gethzerian, the mighty Green Dragon, did in fact trouble Fallcrest. 200 years ago. He was reported dead by an adventuring team who drove him from the town. After a night in town where the team found a few answers, and met some useful comrades, they set out the next morning for Harkenwold and home. However, as the sun dropped below the horizon, the party sought refuge off the trade road, eventually finding an abandoned cathedral. An abandoned cathedral now desecrated in the name of Lord Orcus, and inhabited by his servants. The same servants, including a Vampiric Priestess , the same one that has been following the team since they left Winterhaven. Battle weary, the team hunkered down for the night in an abandoned crypt.


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