Darmok is a powerful Dwarven Sorcerer hailing from the former Dwarven town of Anchorhead


Darmok can still recall the events that led to the destruction of his town and the annihilation of the life he once knew. The former first son of the Dwarven settlement of Anchorhead, Darmok once enjoyed a childhood surrounded by eager teachers and loyal comrades in his small part of the world. But that was long ago. From what he remembered as a young child, his father, Gormak, had had some political differences with the other Dwarves that called the Dawnforge Mountains their home. Though he maintained connections to these dwarves, the great number of them who had decided to leave the Dawnforge and follow his father to the great unknown of Anchorhead cemented Darmok’s notions of his father’s leadership abilities. Darmok had many Dwarven “aunts” and “uncles” at Anchordhead and learned much from his extended “family.”

None of this happiness remained though. One evening, while still a young dwarf, Darmok and his friend, Guldar, were returning from a “Culm-Chulk,” or Anchordhead prayer journey, when they witnessed smoke billowing from their village. As they approached, they could make out the aftermath of a goblin attack on the settlement they held so dear. In the distance, they could see the last battalion of goblins fleeing to the West. Without warning, Guldar, overcome with rage, sprinted to catch them and exact revenge for what they had done to his kin. As Darmok realized what was happening, he readied for his charge. As he was about to join his friend’s attack, he felt, from behind, the sudden restraint from what he later discovered to be a Dragonborn sorcerer, Kouvlar. As Darmok struggled to escape Kouvlar’s monstrous grip, he watched as a goblin archer’s arrow pierced Guldar’s chest. Darmok abandoned his struggle, as Kouvlar gruffly murmured, “You’re welcome, dwarf.”

Once he was sure the goblins had all moved on, Darmok hesitantly explored the razed village. None were left alive. All he knew was gone. He again found Kouvlar by his side, this time with an offer of protection and friendship. Kouvlar knew that Darmok was still a young, unproven dwarf and that he would very likely irrevocably imperil himself. He insisted that Darmok accompany him to the nearest Dragonborn outpost, Clawdorn. Though Darmok hesitated, he knew he had no choice.

The next years of Darmok’s life were filled with bitterness and anger. He did feel appreciation, though, for the Dragonborns’ acceptance. Darmok was now a dwarf of two worlds. Darmok became Kouvlar’s apprentice and took every opportunity to absorb Kouvlar’s knowledge of sorcery. And although the Dragonborn had taught him much, Darmok always craved revenge on any and all that so much as resembled the goblin perpetrators of his clan’s slaughter. After learning all he could from his Dragonborn surrogates, he set out with a singular goal: to locate and destroy all those who terrorize dwarf and Dragonborn kind alike.


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