Grok - Deceased

A heroic Half-Orc barbarian of the Kordclaw, killed by agents of T'yrn Ruon on the 3rd day of Pelan Year of Nerath 753


Grok the Barbarian, of the obscure clan of nomadic half-orcs calling themselves the Kordclaw Clan, has had a short but eventful life. The Kordclaw Clan worships Kord and holds dear the qualities of their deity, most importantly strength, as is exhibited in the importance put on competitive wrestling and other games played between its members, in hunting for feasts, and in combat against hostile groups. The son of a tribal elder, he was able to observe firsthand the leadership of the clan. Living on the outskirts of the Nentir Vale, near Kulkoszar, ancestral territory of the Bloodspear Orcs the Clan only came into contact occasionally with outsiders. They were often traders from various other races, but increasingly the Clan came under attack from the Bloodspears.

Never one to stick around in a settlement for very long, Grok often ventured out at a young age, sometimes foolishly, often putting himself in grave peril but at the same time encountering the occassional wayward traveler. He heard a great deal of the outside world, of the wars, and as he grew older he believed more and more that his people were at an increasing risk from the Bloodspear raids. Unfortunately, his brash and outspoken opinions often brought him in conflict with a majority of the tribal leaders, who insisted he know his place. They maintained no human empire would ever look to them as equals, and that they not get involved in the matters of the world around them.

A few days after the ceremonial hunt marking his ascent into manhood, the Kordclaw withstood yet another assault on one of their settlements, this one more severe than any previous, ordered by a Bloodspear chieftan named Lashnak. The young half-orc slayed many in defense of his people and the group barely withstood the attack, but not without the loss of a number of elders (including the parents) and the desecration of a shrine to Kord. Furious, he blamed the inaction of the surviving tribal leaders, claiming their inaction in searching out the evil in their lands had shamed Kord and cost the lives of dozens of their people. Insulted, the remaining council members, led by Radash and Bakor, banished him to the wilderness.

Grok was merely a few days into his exile when he came across a large caravan headed to Fallcrest that was coming under attack from a Goblin detachment. Looking to save these humans from the same fate that befell so many of his people, Grok sliced down many of the Goblins in a whirling flurry of blades, saving most of the traveling party. Their leader, the famous merchant and explorer Vern Felmar, surprised and greatful for the help from the young half-orc, offered him passage to Fallcrest and a job helping him. Excited at the prospect of seeing more far-off lands and, perhaps naively discounting the distrust he would no doubt encounter, Grok eagerly accepted and headed off. The coming months were a blur, as he helped Vern and quickly became acclimated with the fear many others had for him. However, word of his first feat and of his other encounters with bandits had earned him the grudging respect of many and the notice of some very important people.

On the 3rd of Pelan, forces of T’yrn Ruon attacked the Iron Keep, murdering several guards. Unwilling to allow others to die for his inaction, Grok lept from the wall and charged after them, leading his comrades into battle. First to rush in, sadly Grok was also the first of his companions to die. Vimak and Darmok recovered his body, and laid it in state at the Iron Keep. The next morning, Ekkt, a priest of the KordClaw arrived in Harken. After proving his worth to Douven Stahl, Ekkt performed the ritual of Gentle Repose on Grok and his fallen allies, preserving them for a future miracle. Grok was buried behind the home of Douven and Juli Stahl.

Grok - Deceased

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