John Snow - Missing, presumed dead

Born a bastard, John Snow rose to become a hero. He was last seen fighting the agents of Isis Ravanna, usurper of T'yrn Ruon on the 3rd Day of Pelan, the 753rd Year of Nerath


John Snow was born a bastard to a woman he cannot name in the lordship of T’yrn Ruon. After his birth, his lord father took him from his mother and raised him as a bastard in a cold place where death and winter loom. Snow was not allowed to wear the coat of arms or the name of his father. He was given the last name Snow, to represent the land where he was raised rather than the blood from which he was born.

His step-mother treated him poorly and pushed him to leave home as soon he possible. Due to her influence, he was not allowed to worship the same gods that the rest of his family worshipped. He looked to fill his spiritual and metaphysical needs and one day, stumbled upon the legend of the Raven Queen, the Lady of Fate and Goddess of Winter.

Her legend seemed to strike a harmonious chord with Snow’s soul’s desires. He wanted to learn the true fate and identity of the biological mother he never knew. He believes that the Raven Queen will provide him at least this answer for his service. Moreover, the story of the Lady of Fate’s rising from a mere mortal to overtake the thrown of a god gave the bastard inspiration to strive for his own future aspiration.

Upon completing his mandated military service, he was thrown out of the army because of his stepmother’s influence. She feared that his reputation had grown too powerful and that he could organize a protest.
Word of his leadership at the military academy and in minor northern battles spread, so that when his exile brought him to the Barony of Harkenwold and Douven Stahl, Stahl was quick to accept Snow, welcoming him to the group he was forming.

Snow hopes for the opportunity ultimately do the duties for inspiration and hope the adventure leads to answers to his questions about his mother’s identity and fate.

Around the time that Snow was forced to leave his home, his family was exiled because the kingdoms they aligned with lost their power. Rather than swearing fealty to a new king, his father chose to exile his family to a new city in this world.
Snow heard of the legends of great heroes of the Vale and now hopes to craft a powerful reputation. Eventually he hopes to build a new army and take back the land that bears his true name.

On the 3rd day of Pelan, John Snow’s step-mother sent forces to retrieve the prisoner known as Rose from the dungeons of the Iron Keep. Their attack drew Onodrim, Snow, Grok, and Magdronan away from the walls and into the dark surrounding Harken. John Snow fought valiantly at the Crossroads, but ultimately fell to the dark forces arranged by his stepmother. Isis herself forced her way into the Keep during the attack, and confronted Darmok and Vimak, barely escaping with her own life, as well as her daughters. John Snow’s body was not left at the crossroads, and it is unknown to his allies whether he lives or not. Darmok believes that he is still alive, but only so Isis can torment him for as long as possible.

John Snow - Missing, presumed dead

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