Magdronan, Paladin of Bahamut - Deceased

A mighty Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut, he was last seen fighting the forces of T'yrn Ruon on the 3rd of Pelan, Year of Nerath 753


Six years ago, Magdronan awoke in a small empty room. He had no memory of how he go there, or who he was beyond his own name. As his eyes let in light for the first time in what felt like ages, he was greeted by the shining visage of Bahamut’s Platinum avatar. The Dragon god looked upon him and spoke, “Dedicate yourself to the Dragon, and you will escape the haunted past from which he saved you, for you were there through acts of evil beyond your control. You shall become my sword upon Nentir. My will shall be your doing. Spread the light of justice to those in need, and you shall be free.”
After his vision was finished, Magdronan passed out again, only to be awoken in a temple, Spartan in nature, but dedicated to Bahamut. He learned his guests were the Platinum Scales, an order of Paladins dedicated to the Dragon. He was nursed to health by the Paladins and began to train as one of their own, learning from Roghar, their strongest warrior, and his companions how to harness the holy power of the Dragon for himself. Roghar served as mentor to the young Magdronan for a time, before setting out himself to spread Bahamuts light through the former territories of Nerath. Soon after, Magdronan himself set out to wander the world. A vision from Bahamut warned him of impending evils in the world, and eventually guided him across the Arkhosian desert and into Nentir Vale, where Bahamut’s will led him to the doorstep of a man named Douven Stahl. His memory has never returned, though he will occasionally flash memories of lying surrounded and defeated on a battlefield before joining the monastery. His body bears the scars of battle, as well as several across his torso that seem to follow a mysterious pattern. The paladins told him nothing about his life before them, though he knows there is much he may never re-learn, and he is not sure he wants to.

After Magdronan’s success in Winterhaven, a Bounty was placed on his head by the Brotherhood of Five, a mercenary organization of Tiamat’s worshippers. When Magdronan and his allies battled the forces of T’yrn Ruon at the Crossroads of Harkenwold on the 3rd of Pelan, he fell in battle. His fate was unknown, as only his armor and sword were found at the scene. Vimak received a vision from Sir Keegan confirming the sad news of his death. Meanwhile, Isis and her forces claimed the Bounty, and transferred the body to the Brotherhood on 4 Pelan at the Fiveleague House. Vimak, Uldane, and Ekkt defeated the Brotherhood’s soldiers and reclaimed the body later that night, acting on Tempest and Uldane’s tracking skills. Magdronan was laid to rest in Harkenwold two days later by Douven Stahl, Vimak and Darmok.

Magdronan, Paladin of Bahamut - Deceased

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