Kord, God of Battle

Kord is the storm god, the lord of battle, god of athletics and fighters. He is often worshipped by fighters and barbarians. Those wishing for a change in the weather are wise to direct their prayers to him. He is also the chosen deity for those about to enter athletic competitions. Kord welcomes a spirited toast in a tavern as much as any prayer directed to him. He commands of his followers that they be strong, but not use their strength for chaos and destruction. Followers of Kord must prove their might to their god, and show bravery at every turn. Kord has no patience for cowards.

Kord is the child of Khala and Zehir. At first, he was a rampant force of destruction, wandering Nentir randomly and showing his strength. When his mother sought to cover the world in winter, Kord initially assisted her in her quest. However, after a long battle with Moradin, Kord grew to respect the Dwarven God, and paused to listen to Moradin’s reason. The Soul-Forger showed Kord the devastation their battle had wrought, and Kord was moved that one with such battle prowess also could be compassionate and reasoning. Kord joined with Moradin and the other gods, and turned the tide in the War of Winter.

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