Raven Queen

The Raven Queen, Goddess of Death

Though her real name has long since been erased and forgotten, the Goddess of Death calls herself the Raven Queen. Aside from Death, she is also the goddess of winter, fate, and doom.

Born a mortal human generations before even Bael Turath rose, she was an powerful Queen. Though her powers were not known, many believe her to have been a sorceress or necromancer. When she died, her spirit shone with such power that Nerull, the God of the Dead, chose her to be his consort. Calling her Nera, he allowed her to rule by his side. However, seeing the abuses of power that were rampant in Nerull’s domain, Nera turned his own power against him, seizing his power for her own. At the urging of the other Gods, Nera became the Goddess of death instead of the dead, as had been Nerulls power. In this way, mortal souls that passed were able to pass on freely, instead of being held for power as Nerull had. She abandoned her false name and took the name of the Raven Queen, erasing all mentions of her true identity.
The Raven Queen has tenous allegiances with many other deities. She has twice intervened in the wars of the gods, each time adding to her own powers as a result. When Lolth betrayed Correlon, The Raven Queen assisted the Elven Gods, claiming Lolth’s powers over fate as her reward. When the War of Winter began, she stood with the Seldarine and Pelor against Khala, joining Kord in the final battle against his mother. From the fallen goddess she claimed dominion over winter.
Though she has few true enemies, The Raven Queen is constantly opposed by Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undeath. The undead are a personal affront to her, as their creation prevents her will from being carried out. Orcus seeks to depose the Raven Queen, and establish his own dominion as Nerull once did.

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Raven Queen

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